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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Laws

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Laws

With no specific qualifying conditions in Oklahoma, some patients report that it’s relatively easy to get an MMJ card. In fact, 1 in 13 adult Oklahomans has a medical marijuana card. Oklahoma cannabis lawyer, Rachel Klubeck, joins us to discuss Oklahoma’s medical marijuana laws and if OK

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Category : Education
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dopedev420 2 years ago
Great upload!
paulwillson 2 years ago
halandrious 2 years ago
I live in Oklahoma and got my card for a total of $134.00. $104 to OMMA and $30 to the online doc I saw. I have bad anxiety and as soon as he popped up on my screen he could tell how bad my anxiety was and pretty much just sent me the recommendation after that. Also my neighbors and I pretty much have coffee and ‘medicine’ in the mornings. If/when y’all come to Oklahoma find the dispensaries that’s have the slurpies/slushees and try one. I have an extremely low tolerance so I couldn’t have one if I wanted to lol.

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