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Ok Boomer - Time To Let The Incandescent GO!

Ok Boomer - Time To Let The Incandescent GO!

Published on November 19, 2019

Today my two cents on ‘ok boomer’ as well as a little rant about lighting since I’ve spent my morning putting 20+ LED bulbs into some VERY dusty fixtures.

That 24-pack of 60W LED bulbs: (works out to ~$1/bulb)

That AC internet adapter (probably not ideal for

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Category : Vlog Life
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Leefhed 3 years ago
Nice vid. LED good. We r boomer and have LED only house also.
SKEastCoast 3 years ago
Cool house. I've been trying to remodel my entire condo for the last ten years so I can flip it for a better one. Did you know that you can run your internet through your outlets with an adapter? That's how mine is hooked up right now.
Infalung78 3 years ago
right on Lux that's a hell of a good deal a dollar something a piece Amazon's a place to go I buy a lot of my stuff from them especially for bulk you can really find some good deals there thanks again Lex really like your new place can't wait to watch you update the place and make it your "Home"!!✌
K.Hill 3 years ago
Hey Lex. What LED grow light would you recommend for a 5x5, ? Veg through flower.
Yamos 3 years ago
“People in that age range?”

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