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OG 2 Girls 1 Bong is GONE?!

OG 2 Girls 1 Bong is GONE?!

Published on June 10, 2022

Hey guys, just wanted to come on here and talk about how I was in the middle of watching 2 girls 1 bong on the original high rise channel. Only to discover myself scrolling through the same three videos over and over. Even the videos on the new high rise channel were gone that weren’t 2g1b. Let me

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Category : WeedTube
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Censorship on YouTube is getting so lame :( I’m so glad they have an exclusive video podcast here on WeedTube!!! <3
Making videos definitely brings me joy too! #relate
boyshaircut 5 months ago
I love seeing you in the videos. You look great with the bald head and the beard. I love to see when you shave your head. How often do you shave your head? I love your Horseshoe or Southside Fade haircut too. Please make more videos!