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NukeHeads Grow Lights Garage

NukeHeads Grow Lights Garage

Published on November 17, 2019

This is just the Intro video to our team, but coming up in Episode 1 were going to start building over the top insane crazy grow lights. A Tesla Coil powered grow light, a water lens grow light, an Iron Man grow light where I will black smith parts with a hammer on an anvil, melt and cast copper par

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nukeheads 3 years ago
Much love everyone, Cody here .. Enjoy this Season 1 introduction launch video to what I'm going to do for our Season 1 Episode 1 launch. Coming up in Episode 1 is a huge number of freakish powerful huge one off grow light builds, but again our standard builds are filling commercial grow operations and home grow operations because our lights are all 100% HAND BUILT, HAND MADE right here in the USA !!! Visit to purchase our grow light designs. Were soon to launch and offer for sale our " Chassis Design " so stay tuned for that coming up very very soon !