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NJ Medical Dispensary Strain Review: O.G. #18 (Garden State Dispensary, Union NJ)

NJ Medical Dispensary Strain Review: O.G. #18 (Garden State Dispensary, Union NJ)

Published on October 18, 2021

Official 4 Horsemen Review of some of the best strains NJ's MMP has to offer. Please subscribe to stay on top of future reviews.

*All Cannabis reviewed was explicitly prescribed for the reviewer who is a legal and current NJMMP cardholder. All reviews are purely objective(yet subjective)and no

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bhbest 1 year ago
Great review. The OG kush was released the same week as the 18 and it was a greenish colored bud too but much chunkier nugs and even prettier than the 18 but was also on the green side. Both were insanely potent og's by GSD. The pics/videos don't do the 18 justice though as far as bud/bag appeal and yours looked exactly like mine but man the stuff is potent, It's sticky, gassy and just plain pungent you just know it's going to be good medicine when you open the jar and get hit with the whiff of this one. Whatever they are doing over there at GSD lately they need to keep doing it it's the best it's been yet and hopefully will get even better but I'm like you don't try and fix it if it's not broken but something about their process produces medicine that's on par with any craft cannabis imo.

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