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NJ Medical Dispensary Strain Review: Donny Burger (Harmony Dispensary, Secaucus NJ)

NJ Medical Dispensary Strain Review: Donny Burger (Harmony Dispensary, Secaucus NJ)

Official 4 Horsemen Review of some of the best strains NJ's MMP has to offer. Please subscribe to stay on top of future reviews.

*All Cannabis reviewed was explicitly prescribed for the reviewer who is a legal and current NJMMP cardholder. All reviews are purely objective(yet subjective)and no

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Category : Reviews
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SKEastCoast 2 years ago
Sounds like some butt kicking stuff. I like it. I can't wait until some of the strains I made end up in some of these dispensaries and then into a video like yours. That would be the coolest thing ever. My OJ Krush is getting spread all around Michigan right now. People are really liking it and asking for it now. They haven't even tried my Crunch Berries yet. It's even better. Great video.
30kmanny 1 year ago
love the reviews bro! made a whole weedtube account just to follow you man, helps me decide what strain is worth buying on my behalf so thank you for the information!
NoahY 9 months ago
they've definitely honed this strain in better since this review. They've picked up the purple, probably leaning slightly more towards the han solo burger. Trichome production is way up as well, ridiculously dense and knobby

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