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News Up To Date | THC Linked Psychosis

News Up To Date | THC Linked Psychosis

Published on December 30, 2019

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Category : News
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Incredibly interesting. I don’t want to shoot it down but I’ve known a lot of Stoners in my time. Some crazy. Some not. There must be some sort of pre existing condition.
Yamos 3 years ago
“Staying up all night,” for for days at a time, is gonna mess with people who are not psychotic.
sufisamwise 3 years ago
The medical literature has long known of cannabis use disorder; it is extensively documented. Don't get me wrong... I'm definitely a cannabis advocate. Adults should have freedom over their own minds and bodies. I'm even studying to get my worker's permit in my state, because I really believe in this medicine. But we have to be realistic here. Like the other commenter here stated, anyone could abuse a substance. I'd like to add to that, that some people shouldn't use, because they're not mentally all there to begin with. I think if the kid in this story had started with some other substance than cannabis, he would have abused that also, with a bad outcome. People who want to restrict our freedom because of these cases are seriously misguided. But in the interest of a balanced approach, we don't have to overreact in the opposite direction, pretending it can never be problematic. Kudos to your openness in posting this story for people to consider, and make up their own minds.
Leefhed 3 years ago
Anyone can abuse a substance. We have names for them. A person vaping 24/7 is going to encounter issues! How does someone help this person? Difficult