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New Toys

New Toys

I went to Taproot today and dropped some serious coin on some new toys. This is an investment. It will pay for itself eventually. Don't forget to leave a number from 1-60 in the comments for the contest.

Category : Growing/Gardening
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ZoltrixGrower 9 months ago
Nice new toys man! I have been wanting to try the gummie making as well. Hope the holidays have been good to you, have a happy new years!
stoner1 9 months ago
some cool new toys. I've been looking at a press. would be interesting to see what kind of yield get from different flowers. keep growing and stay safe brother 🙏
bluhousegrow 9 months ago
very nice video cant wait to see wat that rosin press does keep up the great work I've had a magic butter machine for years I use to make rso n tinctures to small the make the batch of butter I make but also I have a video that makes infused bbq sauce if u r interested keep up the great work cheers
rysbigbuds 9 months ago
Damn them some awesome looking new toys man. I’ve been thinking about getting them things as well. Hope you had a great Christmas and hope Santa spoiled you and the pups. Stay safe and happy growing. Cheers. I’ll take number 19. Happy New Years
Thud 9 months ago
Your Christmas toys are cool SK. Press that rosin from every lose Bud, and slice nuggy tops into wafer slices to wrap around the Rosin, then mash the balls back and forth to make Pot Putty! I do not smoke non-augmented weed anymore, just Cannon Balls. Occasionally diluting Cannon Ball chop with dry bud per it is so damn narly to Bong! I tried extraction into Coconut Oil, and found I cannot saturate enough weed to extract a strong enough dose for an old super stoner like myself. The Gummies I cannot even feel no matter how strong. So, I advise you take back the Magic Butter Machine as worthless, and just add Rosin to your gummies! Else you are wasting pressable weed I say! Expect 20% Rosin extraction, Stay below 4000 PSI/sqin with those area plates, else black shit will come out in the Rosin. 1/8th per sack, NO STEMS, and it takes 10 minutes per sack to extract. I like 202F temperature. Enjoy!