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New Pipe Smoke And Chill

New Pipe Smoke And Chill

Published on February 15, 2020

Got a new glass pipe. Old one broke RIP. Girls are growing up nice. Come check out my flowers.

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My email is [email protected]

Category : Growing/Gardening
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its funny that shit is basically the same for me and I have a few more years on you my friend.. they dont get any better...the trip to the folks house sounded like an ambush and tell lenny to get a stress ball not your scruppy dog...or train your dog to attack this guy much alike on family stuff dude....I will get into it later about the older sisters who are princesses and my older (absent in my life and growing up) brother....nice chilling with you buddy
BeardB 2 years ago
your plants are doing well and big buds. cool new piece. storys were sad. hope it goes better for you vary soon. grow on!
sorry to hear about that man, that's rough. My kids have not been that rough with the pets but they do get a solid sit down if they do accidentally hurt them. They need their parents to do that. Garden is looking good, thanks for the sesh
NGOOB 2 years ago
happy late birthday brother .... garden looking like
Argh not cool when people hurt animals of any kind. Definitely agree the parents should have had a sit down and chat after the first incident mate. I am sorry to hear family things haven't picked up at all. Stick with us buddy, we're family and we'll never let ya down! I wish I could come help out around the house - I'm not all that skilled but I can take direction hahaha. Sweet pipe!! I was hoping you'd have a cone out of it with us, maybe next time :-). Onwards and upwards, my good friend. Take care and know that we are here whenever you need to vent, chat, sesh, share, whatever!!! :-)