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New House Tour - A Dab In Every Room!

New House Tour - A Dab In Every Room!

Welcome to the new house! This has been a major part of why I took a break from posting but now that we are all settled in, it is SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!! Taking a dab in every room seemed like an appropriate way to welcome the house to the #teamsmallnips family! I hope you enjoy and have a great day!


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grow-tacoma 4 years ago
I just found you here on the new site believe it or not, but shits funny! Keep em comin’
vynxly 4 years ago
Hey Matthias! Looking forward to the latest and greatest nip-included content!
hernanbud710 4 years ago
Love the videos, glad youre back and making content on theweedtube, thanks for sharing your life with us, much love #teamsmallnips
420girlygirl 4 years ago
where do i buy that pink rig omgggg it's beautiful
ghxstgang 4 years ago
Cheers! Good to see you here Matthias! Glad to see you back with the regular content. Long live the art wall! Peace. ????

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