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Nature Walk and Sesh #14

Nature Walk and Sesh #14

talk about a complete 180 switch up from the last NWAS ❥ it was cold; but it was still beautiful as ever ❥ finally got my paws on a gimbal which is already making the footage look crispy af ❥ this was the first time I was able to use it for a video but I’m getting better at working out the k
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Category : Travel
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Kat.Nip 2 years ago
I love your outfit! Like every item I don't want to choose a favorite. Also your montage was really cool. I really liked how the images changed their shape. I really like your content!
jacksonofficial 2 years ago
how cold is it there it was 28 degrees in maine today! amazing nature sesh as usual!
chunkystoner98 2 years ago
Snow is so beautiful, i wished it snowed in texas where im at. The montage was beautiful. Love the photos! <3
.ickcf 2 years ago
this is great!

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