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Myrcene Terpene Effects | Terpene Tuesday (Epi 2)

Myrcene Terpene Effects | Terpene Tuesday (Epi 2)

Published on May 26, 2020

Welcome Buds,

Thanks so much for stopping by:)

This is the 2nd episode of Terpene Tuesday, Today I'll be breaking down the terpene Myrcene.

I wanted to make these videos short and sweet so you can digest the info, I hope this helps you guys and you leave with a better understanding of terpene

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Category : Education
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Infalung78 2 years ago
thank you for doing this I've learned quite a bit about terpenes and how big of a role they play in cannabis I noticed about a year ago all the strains that I liked had similar terpenes took me a little bit to put two and two together but I finally figured it out I can't wait till next Tuesday. ✌
TheWedeShow 2 years ago
All of these cannabinoid compounds we're discovering are incredible! Thanks a lot for sharing - i know very little about terpenes and knew nothing about Myrcene. Great stuff!