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Why I Started My Channel | Adel del Valle

Why I Started My Channel | Adel del Valle

Published on May 30, 2022
Hi, everyone! This is a re-upload from my YouTube channel that I made last year which explains my journey on the internet as a content creator. During my first year of undergrad, I was introduced into the cannabis community and that's when I began watching cannabis content. I uploaded my first video
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Category : New Tubers
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adel.delvalle 6 months ago
Additionally, I am so grateful to have found this platform where I can upload cannabis content without fear of my account being flagged. I have also started to upload WeedTube exclusive content on this channel so be sure you’re subscribed to stay for the journey on here :)
Levunz 6 months ago
Love the story! Been grinding since 2013! 😳 keep up the grind never stop! I started my channel because I wanted to inform people on legal safe thc alternatives! Had a buddy almost die from a BM cart!