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My Two Lights

My Two Lights

It was funny to me, because I was thinking of My Two Dads. Then I had the depressing thought that the reference might be too dated for comprehension. Also day two of setup with the plague firmly rooted in my body.

Category : Growing/Gardening
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Thud 9 months ago
Get a 2nd Tits Light. It will pay for itself fast. Years ago I made 8 COB fixtures of AL Extrusions at $650 per fixture, but they are way efficient. Now I can but Mars Hydro SP 3000 for $359, and they cannot be beat! OMG so light! So bright! 300 Watts. 8 CREE CXB3590 COB's at 0.7 Amps is 225 Watts per fixture. I have 3 over the bath tub, and the SP 3000 as a side light, and I am so damn happy! You MUST try a side light. In fact, let that Dog light be your side light.

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