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My Stoner Travel Essentials || Watch and Sesh

My Stoner Travel Essentials || Watch and Sesh

Published on February 25, 2019

One of my most frequently asked questions is how I travel with weed! So in todays episode of Watch and Sesh I take you through the whole thing! I hope you guys enjoy! Here's the video where Matthias talks about flying w/ weed:

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gasp, gasp...gasp... my week was great, your videos are lit as hell, id ,love to make a long comment, but I'm too high lmao. <3
bluejayy 3 years ago
I watch your Videos every time I sesh alone, my week was great. I also never hear your phone go off! I hope your drive to Vegas is good! And The WeedTubes booth is so exciting! Also Gasp Gasp, Gasp...Gasp ;)
If you push in the pin(the metal rod in the hole where you fill the torch up with butane)with a blunt object then you can purge the torch/empty it of butane faster.Also when torches/refillable lighters get to where it seems like they aren't working as well or not lasting as long or not filling up all the way, it's usually because of excess air in the tank that builds up over time as you fill it,and if you wait til its empty-ish and then purge it of the excess air it almost always fixes the problem ;)