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My Smoke Collection Tag - #MySmokeCollection || PuffPuffGyal

My Smoke Collection Tag - #MySmokeCollection || PuffPuffGyal

Published on February 12, 2019

In today's video, I'm going to share my pretty decent smoke collection with you guys! Hoping this can spark a trend here on the WeedTube so if you're compelled to share your own collection, make sure to put #MySmokeCollection and tag me, @puffpuffgyal, in your post. Enjoy!


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Category : Vlog Life
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Dope editing, and nice collection, that gravity bong in a cup is genius ? I always made mine too big. Awesome video ?
highbay 3 years ago
I’ve actually watched one of your videos before & loved it! You’re so funny! And have such a chill vibe. PUFF PUFF GANNNNG! I’m definitely gonna have to do a my smoke collection video! Stay lit girl you keep doin what you do!
Yo Girl, You Funny ? Your Man Sent Me Here To Check Ya Out & You Deffenitly Got My ????•LIKE• So Keep It Up! Go Check Out Some Of My Videos & Tell Me Whatcha Think!! ?????
ccpillo 3 years ago
?? I wish I still had my first pipe ! I have broken soooo many ! I really need to try a gravity bong !
? if it burns it isn't a vaporizer you got ripped off girl I wish I couldve gifted you a dynavape back then. Compared to the g pen total upgrade and half the price.

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