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My real opinions on the entire weed tube community

My real opinions on the entire weed tube community

Published on May 06, 2019
Category : WeedTube
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kingindica 3 years ago
I feel you man. It took me over a year to get 100 subscribers. Iā€™m in desperate need of advice myself. My vids tend to not get lots of views like I would like them to, but tbh this is just a little hobby for me. I would like to growon the platform but Iā€™m not really sure how.
msmedusa 3 years ago
I find that I tend to click more on the videos with eye-catching thumbnails and a good title. It shows that you went the extra mile and really care about what the viewers first see before they click. I wouldn't worry too much about the numbers though, as long as you're having fun making the content you like to make, that alone should be worth it! Continue to make videos you enjoy making, it will show and the viewers will be able to tell! :) It seems like everyone who didn't already have an online presence, or a big following, don't get as many views as the ones who did when they started, but that's to be expected with a brand new social platform. However, I think that'll change as more people begin to use the weedtube and then weedtubers like you will get more recognition.
mermaidpuffss 3 years ago
I always notice a spike in my views whenever I share my video on all my social media platforms sometime during the afternoon/evening! I also think filming your videos in landscape instead of portrait might help attract viewers. I always love your content and I can't wait for your future videos! :-)
chuwysupinsmoke 3 years ago
You're doing great man, just keep doing it and pushing them out. I wish I could post as much as you that's dedication that will pay off. Don't be discourage I'm on my 8th month of becoming ChuwysUpInSmoke and it's been a rollercoaster but at the end of the day as long as I'm happy about my content and the time and dedication I put into my art thats what matters to me. Everything after that is a bonus and meeting new people that come into your life is always dope. Keep pushing my man you definitely have the drive. There's no secret it's about you being you.
GardenofW'eden 2 years ago
Do u need a mmj card to upload & get paid out in jersey or do you need to be of age???

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