My New Reservoir  Barrel. & Garden Tour With Kush Santa &  Cyrus.

My New Reservoir Barrel. & Garden Tour With Kush Santa & Cyrus.


Kush 420

Published on August 05, 2021

CANNABIS WATER REQUIREMENTS Looking for a solution to the water demands of your cannabis grow crop operation? Water and rainwater storage tanks are commonly used to help balance and supply cannabis and hemp’s demanding water requirements by providing access, mobility, and storage of water or r

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ProudCanadianCannabis 1 month ago
We are really lucky here in the interior of BC with our water! Here in Trail where I live my tap water comes out at 6.5 ph and 60ppm. I also run a res tank, actually 2 of them, 75 liters each. The only thing I make to do with my water, is to let it sit out for at least 24 hours before I use it! That is just to make sure if that any chlorine that may be in the water has time to vent off! I use microbubble air stones and I also add plant grade hydrogen peroxide to up the oxygen in the water! Also it helps to make sure that no algae or unwanted microorganisms can take hold in my water or tanks! You have a great setup there with your tank Lucas! Great video, you are like me, let the haters hate! It doesnt effect me or my channel in any negative way! In fact most of the time it gets my fans talking and gets me more likes and followers! Especially on YouTube! I am finally past the 1000 subscribers on YouTube now! Not that YouTube makes it easy on us growers! Talk soon my friend!
mrbone420 3 weeks ago
cheers FaM much growers luv!!!!
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