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my indoor and outdoor set up and plants

my indoor and outdoor set up and plants

Published on April 10, 2020
showing my indoor and outdoor plants and garden enjoy sorry bout the blue dream she needed water she fine now
Category : Growing/Gardening
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Nice setup man! Not making fun at all put one of the strains you named called chem dog is actually pronounced kem dog. Just so you know bro. things are looking great man ladies look really healthy and happy! I am new on TheWeedTube too just started a few days ago but I have been on YouTube for a while! I like TheWeedTube better so far and have met a few cool growers and joined their crew called TheWeedTube Grow Crew we are a bunch of growers looking to grow together and help each other out along the way on here! If you would like to join us or check out some of us out look up TWTGC in the search bar, and if you want to join just add TWTGC at the front of your video title's when you post then we all know whos who and can find eachother easily! Looking forward to getting know and grow with you and I subbed up! Keep it green, Grow your buds frosty, and Take care of your ladies and they will take care of you my friend! Duane & ProudCanadianCannabis.
Nice grow man! I like how you have indoor and outdoor, Happy growing and welcome to the WeedTube!