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My Grow Light Fell!

My Grow Light Fell!

Published on February 18, 2020

In this video I break one of the aircraft cable links on my light rack and almost destroy my light as well as one of my plants! I also include a full overview of the plants within my grow room. Please comment down below about what you think the outcome of the "mystery" plant should be.


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Category : Growing/Gardening
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That's too bad man. I have used a bench vice, or the ball peen end of a hammer with success just don't completely mash the aluminum collar. You will be better with the tool though. At least it doesn't seem like there was too much damage, like you said it was the right plant haha.
in-da-ca 2 years ago
Probably a different pheno if grown from seed,
wow what a setup...sweeeet... one day when I get a house bro....plants looking sweet buddy...see u next time
Hi, your wife sent me :D sub'd!
xumm 2 years ago
Saw this title and image the worst so glad that you’ll recover fine plants look lush bro and I vote ditch it of nurse it but definitely remove from the rest just incase it’s some

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