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My First Upload! Toke With Me During Storytime!!??

My First Upload! Toke With Me During Storytime!!??

Published on January 25, 2022

Heya Tokémons! My name is Kenyatta, I'm from a small city in Louisiana! This is my very first ever social media upload! Let's be kind and toke til we choke! Also please make sure to leave a like or subscribe to my channel, I'll do the same!

Category : New Tubers
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mueller.katrina 5 months ago
Social loner yessss! I am right there with ya. If I don't have to talk to people I won't. only when it's necessary 😂
dopedev420 5 months ago
Great first video!! I’m excited for more content from you 🤩
Nayy2wiice 5 months ago
haven't watched the video but I'm just happy more black girls are coming on here❤plz make more content I plan on making some soon ( I finally turn 21)
Sasshan 4 months ago
Heey girly I’m a Cancer too and we definitely don’t do much speaking unless spoken to or if we get a good vibe from someone 😂 I feel like I can relate to you with most of the things you mentioned in your video❤️ I will be looking forward to more content from you !

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