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My First Time Smoking Weed & Trying Ghost Vapes|Bakedbeauty420

My First Time Smoking Weed & Trying Ghost Vapes|Bakedbeauty420

Hey what is good what is up my beautiful buds! Welcome back to my channel beech! In today's video I am going to be telling you about the first time I tried the good kush. Also I tried out the Ghost Vapes that the weedtube sent out to many creators! I know a lot of people had problems with theirs

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flutebong 2 years ago
when you Yelled THEN WE CAN EAT THANKSGIVING DESSERT I laughed so fucking hard
EmilyRoss258 2 years ago
Oxbow for the win
Thrax- 2 years ago
lmaooo I'm glad I turned you into the stoner you are
Leefhed 2 years ago
Great story thankx. My first sesh was in a 60s Malibu in a forest in Mississippi. My homey kept asking me if I could hear the trees talking. All I could think was how paranoid I felt in 1976. That Ghost Vape looks amazing. I use a LINx Gaia.
.ickcf 2 years ago
OH I love ghost vapes and their brand, awesome people