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My First Time Ever Smoking Shatter !

My First Time Ever Smoking Shatter !

Published on February 11, 2022

I've tried out just about every form of THC concentrate in my time smoking, all except for one. That is, until today. In this video I smoke shatter for the very first time in my life. I just waned to share this moment with you, so grab something to puff on, and sit back, relax and toke with me.

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Category : New Tubers
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Ribonatchi 4 months ago
Bruh there's so many types of concentrates, I can't keep track of them all! 🙃 Haha nice to see you've had some dab experience! Hope this sesh was lit!
dopedev420 4 months ago
First time's always make for great content!! Loved this upload. I'll be taking my first dab soon on my channel and I can't wait!!!!!! 🥳
Leefhed 4 months ago
Thermochromatic banger. WoW mind blown. So much thanx. We r tired of the timer and hand feel method. Lol 🍁 in WA Great sesh as well.
NeofromtheMatrix 4 months ago
that does look fire bro....i smoked so much maybe i have before and didnt know it
OhChaos 4 months ago
Clicked right away from that title lolll I really enjoyed this video tho

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