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my first shroom experience

my first shroom experience

Published on October 26, 2019
thank you for watching today's video! In today's video I sit down smoke a bowl and talk about my first shroom experience. I figured you guys might find this interesting since shrooms had been getting more attention and possibly will be legalized in the next Century or so. If you enjoyed today's video m
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Category : Education
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I’m dead, when he said “comment anything I love reading comments “ Lol I love the sarcasm and good vibes
Ive never done shrooms, but my brother and his friends use to go at night in the cow fields and harvest..
GypsyDaze 3 years ago
He was gonna do a vlog on it but his homie Gavin was like nooooo bro DUuuuDdee
RosinSmoke 3 years ago
when i did mushrooms every other day for a few years it just made my stomach hurt and didn't give me the visuals i was hoping for.its cool as fuck that you were able to see shit and you got to see colors.