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My First Hippie Butler (concentrate) Unboxing May 2019

My First Hippie Butler (concentrate) Unboxing May 2019

Published on June 09, 2019

Hey my weedy friends!! Welcome to my channel. Thanx for watching, please hit the thumbs up if you like this video. This was my first Hippie Butler, Butler Box Concentrate box. I was not completly happy with this box. Let me know if you have had a similiar experience.

Category : WeedTube
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breakxge 3 years ago
Contact Hippie Butler with pictures of your broken banger and I'm sure they'll send a replacement. Also, the blue thing that you're not sure what it was is a Bubble Carb Cap, pretty much serves the same purpose as the end of the dabstick but intead you put your finger on the little hole at the longer tube part and wiggle it a bit Cheers! :)