My "first" grow- help me!



Published on May 09, 2021

This is my first year growing autoflowers and I need help! Any advice on watering especially, I always have a problem with that :P


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Zoltrix Grower 2 months ago
Looks like you have a great start there, and a nice spot for growing. Good luck and Happy growing!
SativaHunter 2 months ago
so I have my grow on my channel and it's 100% organic, I build my own soil and all that goodness, so first thing yes for sure worm castings which is great for veg becauseof the nitrogen and natural microbes of course if your building soil for autos though you need a nice supply of everything she'll need from veg to flower and you'llhave to top dress with some bloom amendments like bat guano,blood meal,kelp powder, etc.because certain stages of growth ask for certai things but if it's all in the soil via the dry amendments then they are slow release meaning the plant eats what it wants when it wants so you only have to feed maybe 2 times before harvest. one thing you may have issues with is that you popped autos into small pots so you're gonna have to transplant before flower and autos get stunted pretty badly from a transplant, photos are fine to transplant but auto don't really get the time to recover properly so your yields may suffer a bit. any questions, just fire away
GrowthWithKerr 2 months ago
I use dolomite lime in the soil to help maintain ph , and a product called N force its a natural foiler program for pests made from distilled essential oil blend. happy growing
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