My First Experience With Edibles | STORYTIME

My First Experience With Edibles | STORYTIME



Published on December 09, 2018
Have you guys ever had a bad experience with edibles? My first experience wasn't too great.. haha!

Hope you enjoy my first storytime !! If you did, make sure to

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-xoxo, Allie.

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shxbz 2 years ago
i cannot stress enough how important it is to have the right amount of edibles and if you can buy from a dispensary you should as it tells you how much to eat. I've had the best and worst trips on edibles. my worst trip was when i had literally a quarter of an edible and it made me trip hard, the trip was good until i got in bed and somehow starting vomiting all over my duvet, had to call my mum and then also vomited on her bed. i fell on my bathroom floor twice and woke up with dark purple bruises everywhere. like i would walk somewhere and forget i was even there and literally when people say TUNNEL VISION they mean it, like you feel almost blind, i literally thought it was never going to end, it got to the point were i was praying to God and saying to myself that i would never touch weed again (like that lasted :,D) . i advise anyone also to not eat too much food before or after eating edibles because you are more likely to throw up.hope you enjoyed my horror high story xxxx
lovelylolaa 2 years ago
I was making a sandwich when the edible hit me , had to run to my room and sit down for a sec ?
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