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My first ever grow! My grow room

My first ever grow! My grow room

Come take a look at my grow room!

Category : Growing/Gardening
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Thud 1 year ago
They say a friend with weed is a friend indeed! Don't think the learning is fast. Watch out for over fertilizing and curling your leaves. Watch out for low nitrogen lower leaves yellowing and dying young. Shower before you see your plants and never need to battle spider mites or other pests. Ask everyone you meet what is the very best strain, why, and where to get it! Nothing sadder than growing weed you do not like. If you add the PH Up before your nutrients, no issue. After you measure 1 Gallon, every other gallon the same if you scrape level measures, and you can even compare ppm TDS. Enjoy!
forgetfull 1 year ago
Looking good , I think using smaller pots to start with would be a good move as it would be easier to control moisture in the pot , perhaps solo cup sort of size until you have a more developed root zone , best of luck .