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My First Autoflower Grow #10

My First Autoflower Grow #10

Please Subscribe and throw a like. Nearing the end of this grow. Learned a lot thanks to many unwanted problems. Im going to do another Autoflower Run so stay tuned. Merry Christmas everyone! To all my followers...Thank you for your support. Cheers!

Category : Growing/Gardening
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mephistomark 5 months ago
well done especially for your first autoflower, they can be picky
BobUnder 8 months ago
She looks alot better ...good job ...PH Growing tip 101 ...stay safe buddy
Infalung77 8 months ago
cool video good subject the first thing I did when I started growing again was bought a pH meter it's made by Apera and I paid I think it was around $75 for it and I'm real happy with it it's like you said it's a good investment my water hear coming out of the tap is around 8.85 I didn't know it would go that high first city water I'm in midwestern Illinois and the water here is hard as hell there's a lot of minerals in it

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