My Final Veg Update Before Flower / Mars Hydro SP3000

My Final Veg Update Before Flower / Mars Hydro SP3000



Published on April 06, 2021

Quick update on the progress over the last two weeks in our veg tent. Some new equipment coming up for next episode so stay tuned!

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Infalung78 2 months ago
right on Jay I always enjoy watching your videos you take the time and have the compassion to do it right the first time the girls are looking great looking forward two watching them blossom 2 end up beautiful big fat bottom girls you make the Rockin world go round close enough LOL catch you on the flip side. ✌
SKEastCoast 2 months ago
Perfect timing. I just got back from picking up dinner and now I got a video to watch. That top dressing food has saved my garden. Made everything green. Different brand.
DLgrower 2 months ago
Great video! another good channel to watch is the Future Cannabis Project on YouTube. All about different kinds of living soil and organic growing. Ladies are looking healthy great work! Happy growing, Keep it lit!
Wabbit 2 months ago
top dressing is always a part of living organics, on a normal basis for myself and my grow, i will start off my plants in a small pot(plastic cup, one gallon pot) and is normally transplanted before going into flower, at week 4 of flower regardless of plant size you normally need to top dress to reamend the soil and that is normally enough to finish off the plants to the end, most plants will simply be good with this cycle however there are a few plants that always need more(my current run of romulan always needs some extra calmag and n) try the basic formula here and in the end also concider you veg longer then i do so will prob need to reamend more during your veg state, across the board man plants are looking good, those couple in the back really stretched, gonna be a full grow room for sure, stay safe and happy growing
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