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My 4 Weeks of NO WEED + Trying To ID A Broken Hygrometer

My 4 Weeks of NO WEED + Trying To ID A Broken Hygrometer

Published on September 22, 2018
Today an Update on how that whole break from weed went and a discussion about the accuracy of your humidity measuring device...are you SURE it’s accurate? Cause I just had an out-of-box one that wasn’t, so you can’t take it for granted!

The Hygrometers I like best can always be found at my Hort

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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linyang95 3 years ago
I am currently taking a break and I am only 2 days in. I'm thinking of taking 1 week break to see how much my tolerance drops and adjust from there. I'm mainly taking it because I miss having trips or spiralling down the rabbit hole. My tolerance is to the point I'm unable to have uncontrollable laughter anymore, which is a shame. But I agree with your experience; I'm just bored with nothing to do. I also don't have other vices, so I'm just sitting in my room trying to pass the time while waiting for a week to pass lol

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