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More Drunk Idiots in Cache Creek

More Drunk Idiots in Cache Creek

Published on October 01, 2019

This is why I don't drink (or use hard drugs of any kind). The younger one is a drunk bully, the older one (his dad) is also a drunk bully. I don't like bullies... I don't care about words, but when words become violence that's where the ACTUAL line is drawn.
Facts don't care abo

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Category : Education
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I find this hilarious because I been benge watching Trailer park boys.. way to go Julian!!!
SmashDab 3 years ago
I thought Canadians were all very respectful people. Damn Roy messing up that good Canadian reputation
Claymore43 3 years ago
damn bro. i couldn't do it. id beat that guy that guy to within an inch of his life. good video and good job not reacting to his taunts.
itsmebdon 3 years ago
Hey there! I just came across your page and love your content! Can’t wait to see more :) Let’s support each other! Much love.
ephradina 3 years ago
Damn Aaron. Yeah this is why I stick to cannabis. I hope you were able to help the woman being assaulted.