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Moms in Cannabis

Moms in Cannabis

Published on August 12, 2019

We're taking a closer look at women in the Southern California cannabis industry. We went out, interviewed women fulfilling different roles and positions, and are seeking to share their perspectives on what it's like to be female in this emergent space. We asked seven questions in interviews

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Category : Education
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CannaBeez 3 years ago
Omg I have to put this video in my stash again ! I’m posting my IGTV & I forgot to mention that moms have natural CBD in their breast milk ! I swear I just found out today ! Can’t wait to see I’ve been running into a lot of Canna Moms & it’s so cool to pick weed over wine. I can’t wait till my east coast moms can feel more comfortable being open about their cannabis usage. Thanks for this insight !
canagirluk 3 years ago
great vid. proud to say im a mum of 2 teenagers and a closet grower for my own personal use :) much luv from the uk x
So much love for this! I’m a cannamom and it’s hard to always be open about that.
Dope video bro glad I subscribed cant wait to see whats next.