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Minus two dudes!!

Minus two dudes!!

Published on November 19, 2019
Flower update unknown strains first grow
Category : New Tubers
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SKEastCoast 3 years ago
Plants looks very nice. You got rid of that male just in time. They were about to start making pollen. If the flowers are hanging down like balls with no hairs then it's a male. Females always point up with two white hairs coming out. If you ever need seeds hit me up. I have some brand new genetics and some hybrids that I made from OG Kush. I just got 5 Wedding Cake seeds from ILGM that I plan to make more of in the near future. I have about 11 different strains right now. One of the newest seeds that I found was OG KushxBerries. It smells like pink candy. Keep up the hard work.