micro-dosing MAGIC MUSHROOMS at the beach - VLOG

micro-dosing MAGIC MUSHROOMS at the beach - VLOG



Published on August 13, 2018
i ate some magic mushrooms, had a beach adventure, and smoked weed with @tislitfam! (mini hot box sesh!) i hope you enjoy listening to my micro-dosing experience and hope yall are smoking with me <3

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idyllic710 3 years ago
"and if u wanna be a model, u jus call urself a fucking model" pprreeeaachhh, loved this style vlog! keep i up girly, much love
melissa_1 3 years ago
You guys are awesome!! ????????
puffpuffcereal 3 years ago
So dope. Keep making these! Y'all had such a nice time. Wish we could hit the beach as easily as you guys! Also we're hoping to try shrooms together for the first time soon. Lara's done them a few times before, but not me. Can't wait!
ericmch 2 years ago
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