May 2019 Blunt News

May 2019 Blunt News



Published on June 02, 2019

Legalization, censorship, and public pot?!Load on up for another Blunt News update from Oregon Experts (Remember to subscribe to Cannasseur Q and HiZBD too!).

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hizbd 2 years ago
Blunt princess with a pet duolingo owl on my shoulder
Ollivander.P.Bengal 2 years ago
aquamoon 2 years ago
as someone who has lived in illinois my whole life i'm so excited and proud of my state (something that doesn't happen often!) this bill is so historic being the first legalization of recreational use through legislature AND the inclusion of reparations for communities of color who are disproportionally affected by """the war on drugs""" with priority licensing for black and brown entrepreneurs and expungement of offenses under 30 grams. i know the expungement amount was watered down and home grow is only allowed for medical patients in order to pass through the senate but hopefully in the near future we can pass more bills to improve those things. still though i can't wait to see the incredible things this is going to do for our state <3
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