MarsHydro Grow Journal  #SP-250 #FC6500 RDWC IN THE FLOWER TENT. #MARSHYDROSP6500  Episode 45

MarsHydro Grow Journal  #SP-250 #FC6500 RDWC IN THE FLOWER TENT. #MARSHYDROSP6500  Episode 45


Kush Santa

Published on March 16, 2021

Today's Mars hydro grow journal. I wont to Introduce you to my Flower Tent. growing in a RDWC grow set up using GREEN PLANET NUTRIENTS. #marshydrosp6500 Discount code mrfoxx Foxx Farms

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Zoltrix Grower 4 months ago
looks good man
ProudCanadianCannabis 4 months ago
Hey Lucas! Tons of nugs! If you are having issues with your buds drying to fast on the racks you should keep you buds on pieces of the stalks they are growing on! It will really help to slow down the drying time on the racks and help to stop a ton of shrinkage as the buds are drying! You should also try to drop your temps down below 70 degrees F! Like 65 to 70 degrees F is the best temperature for drying! You can take a look at how I am drying my wet trimmed buds in my drying tent to see how I keep them on a length of stalk to dry on my racks! Before I take them off as the buds dry to about 35% moisture content, from smallest to the biggest buds come off the stalk and into jars! Lots of buds to dry and cure, every time you dry a new crop you are going to have to dial in your drying tent and sometimes that is easier said then done! I am trying to keep mine dialed in on day 4 of drying! I have some Cancer appointments coming up Lucas, so I will be away for a few weeks! Happy gardening
SexySyko 3 months ago
very beautiful. yet another viideo
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