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Mars Hydro Grow Journal with the TSW2000 / ALMOST THE END! / Season 2 Episode 10 (TWTGC)

Mars Hydro Grow Journal with the TSW2000 / ALMOST THE END! / Season 2 Episode 10 (TWTGC)

Published on February 07, 2021
Hi guy’s! Here’s my new #growvlog for this weekendIn this episode We are on autopilot just water and just 2 plats some feeding. Thats it! So we are almost at the end of this season.! I hope you liked the video! Don’t forget to subscribe and like and leave a comment! Love to hear from you
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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Whats up Dutch, how's it going my friend? The ladies are looking great! You should be careful leaving dead leaves inside of your pots Dutch, it will attract bugs/pests and can cause molds and mildews to happen as the leaves decompose! It is just safer to throw them away, dont leave leaves on the ground in your tent even! good habits make for less work and issues later on! I would hate to see you get bud rott or mites this close to harvesting your ladies! Keep up the videos Dutch, happy growing and stay frosty my friend! I am Trying to upload my week 4 of flower update right now, hope to see you there! Duane.
Hey Dutch, how goes the battle my friend? Your ladies are looking great Dutch! I just put out my week 5 update today! I ordered in a couple new strains for the next run, and the my ladies are filling in their cola's and bulking up now! That super kush your growing sure has a nice look to it! Both your strawberry milkshake and that runtz #1 sure flowered out strangely eh!? Nice colors in that Strawberry milkshake though & nice frosting! Strange I have never seen a plant flower like that before except maybe for plants that went into flower then to veg and back to flower again! That is kinda what it looks like but it not! Lol! Sometimes you just get a plant with some funky genetics! I hope to see you over to see my update my friend! Oh! I was going to ask you are those runtz plants that you are growing are they the runtz auto or the runtz muffin photoperiod? One of the new strains I ordered from seedsman seeds is Runtz Muffins, they come from Barneys Farm! But I couldn't find any here...

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