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Mars Hydro Grow Journal Dual SP3000’s We got genetic issues!

Mars Hydro Grow Journal Dual SP3000’s We got genetic issues!

Well it was a long time away, plenty of time for things to go wrong. And boy did they ever. It’s not a complete loss, but frustrating none the less.

We have some spider mites in this tent. One plant is showing songs of quite a few mites, and one just a little. We will be stripping the fan leave

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SKEastCoast 1 year ago
I have the same problems. Buds look good at least.
BobUnder 1 year ago
Ahh such bad luck pal ...Not a total loss but after all the work it's devastating I'm sure ...You sound like you know what your doing so best of luck with it
stoner1 1 year ago
I'm sorry to hear about the seeding and mites. my last grow I had a plant hermie while in a scrog net and it seeded everything in the tent. just to see,I bagged all the seeds and ended up with a zip lock sandwich bag FULL of seeds. the bud was decent but it cost alot of weight. what can you do,but clean up and start over. keep growing and stay safe brother

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