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Mars Hydro 6500

Mars Hydro 6500

Published on December 29, 2020
unboxing the new mars hydro 6500
Category : Growing/Gardening
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Thud 2 years ago
Thank you for showing the Mars Hydro 6500! What is the issue with too much light? As long as it does not burn the plants, and is met with enough fresh air and nutrients to use it, then what is the issue? Waste? I started with two home made 8 COB fixtures of Cree CBX3590's driven at 700mA, the lowest possible. 225 Watts per fixture over a tub-shower. Then I added a third for 775 Watts and the difference was well worth it in bud density. Now I have added a Mars TS 3000 as a side light shining down 45 degrees from the open side. The last harvest I looked for the small lose buds even from lollipoped bottoms and found none! Almost every one a rock solid nugget. That said my electric has progressed from $68/mo,to $90/mo, to $106/mo, and now $136/mo. One month they read the meter a bit late and it was $163 that month! The electric car economy lie is based on the cheapest first tier of electricity usage. Now they banned Natural Gas in new construction. Another blow to growers.
Royal_Blue 2 years ago
I watch GT on all the pages
Whats up GT! nice light.