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Marijuana Sobriety Vs Pharmaceuticals

Marijuana Sobriety Vs Pharmaceuticals

Published on May 26, 2018
For 20 years they poked prodded and TRIED drugs on me for pain..So much so that because of surgeries and arthritis AND fibromyalgia...I became allergic to most opioid long before they discovered I had Fibro...unfortunately they experiments so much my body refuses almost all pain killers
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Laurel1963 3 years ago
Sounds almost exactly the conversation I had. Person judging me about using edibles for pain. They take valium, ativan and trazadone to sleep and has been considering having a nightcap as well. I said buddy you want to wake up? Pot much safer. Tested for years, no deaths. Aspirin cant say that. It doesn't effect the respiratory center of the brain like narcotics. I need less big pharma when I use pot.
Pinkpony 3 years ago
You are amazing thank you for making this video. I’m suffering from fibromyalgia, Chiari, Bells Palsy, plus other things. Insania is bad too! I’ve see Drs for 10 years! I’ve done opioids for years. Horrible feeling but the only thing that kept me going. I’ve switched to medical marijuana and went from night to day. I’m 41 and relief is now in reach!

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