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Published on April 27, 2020

It's easy to look at my professional growth ◇ RDWC ◇ DWC ◇ TWTGC

They look at my RCDW Hydroponic grow system. And how do I germinate while using the hydroponic system. And you get to see which marihuana plants growing right now

Here are the links for Mars hydro


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Category : Growing/Gardening


Sara38f420 1 year ago
Good work my dude
MstrBubba 1 year ago
looks good bro
Zoltrix Grower 1 year ago
Great video man! I look forward to seeing all of it come together. Have a great one!
ProudCanadianCannabis 1 year ago
Awesome Lucas happy to see your setup for recirculating deep water culture now! I think you are really going to enjoy it man! I had lots of fun with it back ten years or so ago and had some amazing yields! Things grow a lot faster forsure! Just make sure to keep on top of your water changes and nutes because if you start to have any type of a deficiency< it goes through the plants much faster! Keep your roots clean too algae and fungi takes over fast if you let it get a start! But I am sure you'll be great at it! I am here if you need any help Bro!
BthaMAN420 1 year ago
Pretty cool man, great grow!
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