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Mandarin Cookies from One Two Treez - Strain Review

Mandarin Cookies from One Two Treez - Strain Review

Published on January 13, 2021

This is my review for Mandarin Cookies from One Two Treez. It is a 70% Sativa Dominant Hybrid and it is a cross of Forum Cut Cookies and Mandarin Sunset.


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Category : Reviews
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recently had some mandarin cookies wax that was pretty fire but havent tried the strain in flower, those buds look daaank
Infalung78 1 year ago
I noticed when you rolled your joint the role that well and you rolled it fairly quickly I know you could roll a lot quicker if you wanted to but the pace you were setting for yourself excellent job my friend I used to be able to roll like that but I was diagnosed with severe neuropathy it's where your nerve failed to operate correctly your never know where it's going to hit next I rolled my first joint in 1974 the red that I had just bought a five finger lid for twenty bucks off of buddy of mine hell I got to where I could drive down the road roll a joint one handed at the same time I can still roll today but it has to be two hands and not while I'm driving a car LOL well thanks for the flashback my brother catch you on the flipside. ✌
that looks like some fire when you broke it open. you could see the sticky keep up the great reviews cheers
That's a nice looking cola top you got there. So pretty man.