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Man Sues City After Crashing Into Bus on D8

Man Sues City After Crashing Into Bus on D8

Published on October 10, 2022

A Lexington man is suing after hitting a bus following his Delta 8 purchase which he thought was CBD oil - Episode 49 of The 2 Girls 1 Bong podcast. In this week's new 2G1B episode, we’re bringing a new look and new hashtag to the podcast. Download and update your Weedtube app so you can join in on

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Category : Potcasts
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nipligma 1 month ago
Some times vape shops will open the disposable in front of you so that you can try it and make sure it’s good
shhhwild 1 month ago
I’ve had people open the packaging for me to try to make sure it works before leaving the store. But they always offer the packaging back to me.
ts420 1 month ago
Actually him being 40 makes sense. My mom is in her early 50 and would act like that. Love her though, but they aint all there
yes makdaddy coming in with the best question ever!!! lolol
I’m out of weed but I’m am drunk if that counts. Much love!