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Magic Mushrooms On A Plane

Magic Mushrooms On A Plane

Published on May 07, 2020

In this video I take you through a bit more of a MicroDose with the Magic MushroomExperiments before going on a plane!

What did you think of this video and my experiences? Have you ever tried magic mushrooms before?

I'd love to know what you think so leave me a comment below and like this vide

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Category : Education
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Its_vinyl 2 years ago
This was the first video of yours I've come across and I just wanted to say I really like the content you're putting out as well as the quality of your videos. You've got really clear footage with awesome focus and that beautiful background blur cheers fam excited to see more of your videos and watch you progress as a content creator. I'm new to theweedtube so I'm trying to make friends :)
I definitely cant sleep on shrooms
wfiander 2 years ago
.82 grams. not 8.2 grams. would be able to function on 8.2. lol. .82 grams on the other hand probably won't even get visuals.
Hey cousin, I’m so glad I came across this video and your channel. Cousin Nikolai has been interested in micro dosing and was just having conversation with older family member regarding micro dosing. Cousin Nikolai will be back to discover more of your journey and observations. All the best my and Stay Creative my WeedTube friend. Cheers’

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