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Magic Mushrooms Helped My Anxiety

Magic Mushrooms Helped My Anxiety

I took large macro doses of my home grown shrooms (5-7 grams dry) every 5 days for a year straight then just stopped taking them in 2020 with no symptoms of withdraw. They rewired my brain as intended and relieved me of years of anxiety.
Category : Health & Beauty
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clamdigger 2 years ago
You Always put a smile on my face, and for that I say thank you! I am glad I found your channel again, F-youtube. I have learned so much not only from watching you grow but also in life. I too must let go of life's stress.
GrowingWithJames 2 years ago
I been eating them for nealy 6 months now every other day, no negative side effects. They changed my life! Took another 2.5 grams of my shrooms last night; for medicinal reasons and I feel absolutely amazing today! Years of morning/daily anxiety undercontrol now and almost gone the past 6 months. All because I grow my own psilocybin and consume they every few days.
wojysmokes 2 years ago
hey once you make bulk substrate and have fully formed mycelium brick, and you mix them together for bulk. How long until its ready? it's been 2 weeks and I have no signs of mycelium growth?
NicoleMrasak420 9 months ago
I absolutely love this video