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Made Of Honor Veg Update (Week 3)

Made Of Honor Veg Update (Week 3)

Published on August 20, 2022
The girls are moving right along!!! The taller plant has been topped a few times more, than the other. We are sitting in week 3 of veg and I have been doing water every 3 days mostly. Because the soil is already hot..I have been using mostly water. Closer to flower I will start using a new product t
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Category : Growing/Gardening
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SKEastCoast 5 months ago
I just watched your video from 3 weeks ago. Nice growth so far. If you are using tap water be careful. I know you don't live in my city but the last two days the water coming out of my sink smells like a bottle of bleach. After I wash my hands they stink like bleach. I hope you have a water filter. And go on amazon and order some Recharge by Realgrowers. It's a beneficial bacteria that does 30% of the work for your roots. It speeds up the growth. Comes in a yellow bag.