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MAC x KOALA vs 2 FOOT DAB (plus special announcement!!!)

MAC x KOALA vs 2 FOOT DAB (plus special announcement!!!)

Hey buds!

Thank you so much for watching this video on The WeedTube!!! In this video, Koala and I deliver some news that we are very excited about! We also murdered ourselves with a 3ft dab. we died. I will apologize now for how brief this description is but i just got acrylic nails and I cant type f

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ArendRichard 4 years ago
Omg the two of you together all the time I can't lol
michela-donofrio 4 years ago
yo hear me out.. you guys are Dizzle Puffs
silencedhippie 4 years ago
Omg yaaaaay!! I had a feeling this was gonna be the announcement and I'm SO excited for you both!!!!! <3
kayci_jayy 4 years ago
Yass I'm so stoked for you two to move in together ! ???????????????? and you ladies killed this snake dab ????
babydeartina 4 years ago
"If I could take my shirt off to let my nips breath, I would" hahahaha lmmfao