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LST & Topping Cannabis Plants Before Flowering Stage!

LST & Topping Cannabis Plants Before Flowering Stage!

In this week's cannabis plants update, we take a look at the LST done on the clones. We also look at the Super Sweet Tooth and Purple Urkle which was topped several times before switch to the flowering stage. Click that thumbs up if you liked this video!


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Category : Growing/Gardening
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james_9 4 years ago
Hey man glad to see you on here with YouTube busting peoples pages ???? got you on fac book too dude love the videos learnt a lot of knowledge from your channel ??????
t-bear 4 years ago
Glad and thankful for the knowledge and videos. They really help me alot. I'm subbed up and ready for a new journey on The weed Tube. Much love for the cannabis community.

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