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Published on October 13, 2021

. . . . -Donate: Cash App Link:$DMTInfinity . . . . --------------------------------------------------------"DMT Infinity" is more than a channel. DMT Infinity is a statement, it's a Philosophy, and it's a lifestyle. And more personally, it's an outlet for my sou

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Category : Vlog Life
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Infalung77 1 year ago
cool video I really dig the way that you documented your trip I'm an old-school guy the first time I smoked weed was in 1973 and the first time I did acid was in 1975 the same year I started growing weed and we used to get ahold of some really good acid microdot, windowpane, lsd-25 dude the first time I tripped I took a hit of purple microdot and it was an experience like no other after about an hour and 30 minutes I started peeking and freaking that was one of my favorite things sometimes when I got off work I would take a hit or or 3 and take a nap and wake up tripping that is fucking awesome the whole experience is hard to describe as you know and in my personal own opinion brought me closer to Mother Earth the first time I did DMT was in 1980 and that was a trip that was most intense and unimaginable feeling no other was now I live in Illinois where I was born I've seen a lot of things traveled to several different countries and I have no regrets catch you on the flip side